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Public questions and comments from recent public forums have been incorporated into the FAQs above which have been updated as of Feb. 2018. Below are additional questions and comments.


Where can I find a map of the different regions?

 Click here for a list of counties in each region.


Where can I find a print application?

You can find it on page 17 of the application manual which is available here.


I have received EPIC funding previously as a subcontractor.  Can I respond to this call even if the concept I submit is in the same area as the project I subcontracted for which received EPIC funding?

If the concept you are considering submitting was previously funded by EPIC, even if you were a subcontractor, then it is not eligible for CalSEED. The fact that the concepts are in the same area does not preclude the new idea from funding. 


Can I apply for CalSEED funding for an innovation that is a modification of a project that was funded by EPIC?
A modification or advancement to technology previously funded by EPIC is not eligible for CalSEED. New concepts in the same category are eligible. The distinction from the previously funded concept is the filter to use when considering whether or not to apply.


How does the lottery process work?
The lottery occurs before application review. The lottery is conducted via a randomized number system by region. The first 25 eligible applications from each region are invited to complete a full application.


Does anyone take an ownership stake in the project if we participate in CalSEED?
CalSEED is a grant funding program. The initiative gives grant dollars, without equity stake, to early stage entrepreneurs.  


Are there any requirements on how the money is spent?  Can some go to funding the labor of the inventor, or does it all have to be hard costs on materials, paid to testing sites, outside labor, etc.?
If you are invited to submit a full application, you will be asked to submit a proposed scope of the work that would be funded by the program. There are some restrictions on allowed costs but the funds can generally be used for most R&D, business development, and other business-related expenses, including labor, fringe, indirect, materials, miscellaneous costs, etc.


At what point during the CalSeed funding process are the innovations shared publicly? 
Applications will not be published but will be in the public record and available upon request. We recommend giving enough detail so that the review team can adequately judge your application without disclosing confidential and proprietary information.


Does "private" funding include self-funding? 
Yes, "private" funding does include self-funding.

Is it possible to amend the application after the submission deadline? 

We evaluate all applications based on what they contained at the submission deadline.