Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about the CalSEED 2019 Concept Award application.

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Is “lead applicant” equivalent to key manager/principal investigator?



Does the $1 mil funding cap apply to money raised just for my potential CalSEED innovation or for my entire company?

The funding cap applies to your entire company, not just the innovation you are proposing. 



Is there a suggested or required timeline in which to complete the work?

The project timeline is determined in the contracting phase, which happens after applications have been scored and awards have been approved by the CEC.


What types of energy efficiency technologies will be considered under “industrial electrification”?

In 2019, CalSEED is looking for:

  • Technology advancements that enable process heating generated from electricity to compete with natural gas for process heating
  • Technologies that can better enable industrial facilities to convert CO2 into chemical and industrial products using excess renewable generation
  • Technologies that can convert industrial waste heat into electricity (i.e. thermoelectrics, thermionic)

(See page 20 in the 2019 CalSEED Application Manual for the technology areas that are eligible for funding.)


How many awards will be given in 2019?

In 2019 year the goal is to grant ~25 awards.


Are there regional constraints on award distribution (e.g. only X awards from the region Y)?

Will keep an equal geographic distribution among the 4 regions of California.


When CalSEED award winners be announced?

All CalSEED awards will be announced after they are approved at one of the California Energy Commission's monthly Business Meetings. We anticipate this happening during the summer. We know applicants are anxious to hear about their application, and we are also very excited to get started with the 2019 cohort! Notifications will go out as soon as the awards are approved.