Who Can Apply?

CalSEED is open to California-based applicants working on early-stage innovations—from concept to basic prototype.


What Types of Innovations Will CalSEED Fund?

We’re looking for very early stage innovations, including:

  • Before a prototype has been developed
  • Ideas that still need to be market tested
  • Concepts that have not begun to earn revenue

A broad spectrum from science and technology to market-based innovations.

CalSEED is focused on technologies that have the potential for adding value to our grid and that because of development timelines and costs, are less likely to attract private sector capital.  We look across the spectrum of hardware, software and integrated solutions.


Solutions focused on creating greater reliability, lower cost, reducing emissions and/or increased safety for California’s electricity grid. For example:

  • Storage solutions
  • Energy efficiency
  • Lighting
  • Consumer adoption
  • Power plant improvements
  • Increased use or improved applications of smart inverters; 
  • System and/or home modeling tools
  • Heating/cooling energy efficiency 
  • Smart Grid components
  • Generation (e.g., Solar, Bioenergy, Wind, and Geothermal)

Additionally, we will highlight priority technology areas that are of particular importance to advancing clean energy in the state during certain award cycles.


To ensure broad geographic representation across the state, the February 2018 solicitation will be divided into four regions in California: Bay Area, Central Valley, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Each county in California is assigned to one of these four regions.  Click here for a list of counties in each region. We will accept a maximum of 25 applications per region during this solicitation.



Award recipients will be required to agree to certain contractual terms and conditions. A sample template of what some of these terms and conditions may look like can be found here.

More information can be found in the FAQs.