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Arctica Solar

Solar air heaters engineered for the harshest continent on earth

Arctica Solar was founded in 2016 to engineer and manufacture durable, high performance solar air heaters for the Antarctic summer months (October through January) to help curb the use of environmentally hazardous and expensive fossil fuels for space heating. Arctica Solar air heaters have been in use in Antarctica since 2015 in the Queen Maud Land region. In 2018 Arctica Solar began engineering modular solar air heaters for use in a large range of markets and applications.

Optimized absorber materials combined with a patent pending convective heat transfer / air handling system and a uniquely low profile design. Fully enclosed, fully assembled from the manufacturer, or in a kit option. Designed to mount vertically or on a standard PV module racking systems. Designed for DIY installation or installation from your local handyman or HVAC installer.

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