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How Does CalSEED Bridge the Gap for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs? Read Our Interim Report.

Our Network

The CalSEED initiative is powered by New Energy Nexus, the world’s leading ecosystem of funds and accelerators supporting diverse clean energy entrepreneurs to build clean energy solutions.

Our Story

The CalSEED Initiative started in 2016, growing out of a partnership with the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the establishment of the Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) program. Through EPIC funds, the CEC has developed an innovation pipeline of innovation clusters and funding to bring breakthrough technologies from lab to the market. CalSEED is the first energy innovation ecosystem in the pipeline, providing small grant funds to early-stage entrepreneurs and researchers looking to advance their concept or prototype.

As New Energy Nexus’ flagship program, CalSEED has inspired the organization to expand globally, operating programs in China, India, Southeast Asia, East Africa and New York. Each of New Energy Nexus’ chapters functions to support the next wave of entrepreneurs with funds, programs and networks that reflect emerging trends in the clean energy economy.

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The California Clean Energy Innovation Ecosystem

CalSEED collaborates with key partners and subcontractors to provide unique services and opportunities that attract the best and brightest innovators. We are so grateful to the following partners:

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