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Find out how our unique program helps cleantech startups bridge the “valley of death.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Where does the funding for CalSEED come from?

CalSEED is funded by California Energy Commission’s Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC). The purpose of EPIC is to accelerate the development and adoption of new low-carbon technology solutions for California’s electricity sector. To find out more about EPIC and other Energy Commission activities and funding opportunities for research and development, please visit:


2 How is CalSEED distinct from other funding opportunities through EPIC?

CalSEED awards address a critical gap in the early technology development phase where small amounts of funding can have a significant impact in bringing new energy inventions to market. By contrast, other EPIC funding opportunities focus on later stages of technology development, demonstration and adoption. To find out more about other EPIC funding opportunities, visit:


3 How much do you invest?

CalSEED provides Concept Award grants of $150,000 each to 20 – 25 projects each year. Additionally, the CalSEED program holds an annual Business Plan Competition for Concept Award winners. Winners of this Prototype Award competition receive an additional $450,000 in funding.

4 How often do you accept applications?

There is one call for Concept Award applications annually.

5 How can I make sure I am notified about important upcoming dates and deadlines?

Make sure to join the CalSEED mailing list found at This will ensure you receive all emails regarding application openings, information sessions, and deadlines.

6 Should I reach out to a Regional Energy Innovation Cluster?

You are encouraged to take advantage of our regional cluster partners, but you are not required to do so for the CalSEED application and your relationship with clusters will not affect the scoring of your application.

7 Where can I find a map of the four regions?

Click here for a list of counties in each region.

8 Does CalSEED have an office?

CalSEED offices are in Oakland, CA. In-person delivery of applications or in-person meetings or information sessions are not possible.