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Find out how our unique program helps cleantech startups bridge the “valley of death.


Battery Capacity Unlocked

Coreshell is unlocking the true capacity and economics of batteries to enable the timely deployment of electric vehicles and clean energy.

Coreshell’s nanolayer coating protects battery electrodes against deteriorating reactions. In state-of-the-art LIBs our coatings enable increased capacity (energy density), longer lifetime, and mitigation against catastrophic safety issues like thermal runaway. In addition, our process would be easily integrated into high-volume manufacturing and would actually replace one of the biggest bottlenecks in existing LIB production which normally takes several days or even weeks to perform (Formation Processing). Instead, our process can match the upfront line speeds of a Gigafactory-sized plant. In doing so, we are offering one of the few battery materials innovations that improves both battery capacity and safety as well as manufacturing cost and speed. All of these are highly desired by battery manufacturers that are looking to improve battery performance and cost, but also need to rapidly scale to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles and energy storage. As mentioned, our first product can create a cost/kWh savings of 30+% vs today’s state-of-the-art LIBs. However, as a platform technology that solves a fundamental battery issue, we can also enable the next generation of advanced battery materials that can be 50+% more energy-dense and cost-effective versus today’s batteries.

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