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EV Life

Get your new EV for less

Founded in 2019, EV Life is on a mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy by making electric vehicle adoption easier and more affordable for everyone.

Their web platform makes it easy for customers to see how much they can save on EV tax credits and rebates before you buy. Then they match customers with EV Climate Loans to use EV incentives as a downpayment, saving customers an average of $180/month on loan payments. After driving off the lot, EV Life’s tools help customers file their incentive applications quickly and maximize savings.

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Ratepayer Benefit

Reducing Electricity Costs


Energy Efficiency

Solution Type

Electric Vehicles

“When it comes to buying a car, you shouldn’t have to choose between saving the planet and saving money. We’re on a mission to make it more easy and affordable for you to drive an EV than a gas vehicle.”

—Kevin Favro & Peter Glenn EV Life’s Co-Founders