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Horizon PV

Flexible Transparent Organic PV Films

Horizon PV is developing a thin film solar cell, which is semi-transparent, flexible, and can be laminated to glass surfaces or on walls, capable of generating clean renewable electricity from solar windows in buildings and vehicles. Made from a novel polymer, semi-transparent organic photovoltaic (TOPV) “panels” (or films) allow the visible portion of sunlight to penetrate through while utilizing the infrared portion of sunlight to generate electricity. Their proposed TOPV technology can be directly integrated into building structures, such as windows, solar blinds, and solar posters to harvest solar energy beyond traditional heavy-duty PV panels. In addition, the polymer can be “printed” to flexible substrates, is light-weight, non-breakable, and lamination-compatible. 

Traditional silicon PVs have high initial upfront and installation costs and require a large flat area (typically a building or household rooftop) to be installed in. Horizon’s semi-transparent organic photovoltaic films have relatively inexpensive installation costs and are directly integrated onto any window, which is typically available in every household regardless of income status.


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Reducing Electricity Costs



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PV Manufacturing