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We make solar, energy storage, and EV charging simple – so you can reduce energy costs, add value, and increase reliability for many years to come.

Richard Mrlik founded Intertie after developing a large, integrated solar carport and EV charging facility in southern California. Throughout the project, Richard noticed that the grid couldn’t accommodate the full capacity of both solar and EV charging, which severely impacted the deployment of chargers and proved costly and time consuming to upgrade.

In the process, Richard discovered something else: Commercial property owners were open to clean energy. In fact, they were seeking exactly the benefits that clean energy can offer – lower costs, greater control and reliability, modern tenant amenities, new revenue, and environmental benefits. But there were issues connecting to the grid, and storage was unsightly, hard to locate, and costly.

Richard saw a solution to all of these challenges – a smart microgrid with EV charging stations. The technology had to be easy to connect to the public grid, able to locate storage and charging anywhere, and designed to serve as an energy ATM for the building, all while minimizing modifications to the existing building infrastructure. That’s exactly what he and the team are building at Intertie.

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