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Artificial Intelligence for Smart Electric Vehicle Charging of Fleets

MOEV AITM uses real time and historical data gathered from EV chargers, fleet telematics, driver preferences and driving history, duty cycle needs, vehicle routes, weather, traffic and various other types of information to perform prediction of energy needs of the vehicle so as to guide the driver and fleet operator on when to recharge, how to recharge and where to recharge and subsequently to precisely manage and control the charging of the vehicle to optimize around fleet needs of minimum cost, optimize fleet operations, maximize EV battery life and achieve maximum utilization of the EV charging infrastructure.  MOEV AI™ technology is unique and it uses a combination of machine learning, deep learning and dynamic optimization to achieve these objectives.  Our system operates on the Internet Cloud and is offered as a software as a service (SaaS), and functions independent of the charging hardware by supporting the OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) standard, is independent of the vehicle telematics by way of using an API (application programming interface), and is independent of the vehicle manufacturer.  We support a variety of charging modalities as provided by OEMs including V1G, V2G, V2G and V2V.

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