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Nano-material solutions for lower cost, safer and more sustainable batteries

NanoDian’s battery technology is applicable for both portable electronic devices such as electric vehicles and stationary storage such as microgrids.

NanoDian has developed synthetic techniques to cheaply nanostructure Cobalt-free electrode materials with excellent cycle life times; utilization of these materials allows for greatly reduced cost and increased safety over current state-of-the-art.

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"CalSEED was an amazing opportunity for NanoDian in getting initial seed funding without equity dilution. That being said, the money was only a fraction of how they aided our project. The CalSEED staff are amazing; they are very friendly, caring, understanding and accommodating. I can't say enough words of praise on their behalf, they really helped out when many project changes/pivots needed to be made during the pandemic."

—Ben Lesel, Founder & CEO