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Noble Thermodynamic Systems

Zero-carbon, dispatchable, and affordable power

Noble Thermodynamics makes a closed-loop reciprocating engine with no exhaust! It recycles a noble gas working fluid, increasing the power generation efficiency while at the same time capturing all air pollutants, in particular, carbon dioxide. This technology represents a feasible and cost-effective pathway to eliminating the air-quality and climate change impact of the energy sector, and subsequently that of the economy.

  • Zero-Carbon: outperforms efficiency benchmark power generation technologies while capturing 100% of the carbon dioxide generated, effectively rendering a negative cost of carbon abatement.
  • Dispatchable: builds on and enhances the features of the reciprocating engine to provide the fastest ramping capabilities to the grid, making our technology the perfect companion to intermittent renewables.
  • Affordable: provides low cost of ownership thanks to its ultra efficient performance and its conventional, mass-produced engine components. This yields a wide span of revenue generating hours.
  • Retrofittable: onto existing reciprocating engine plants, it enables the transformation of over a terawatt of existing polluting dispatchable assets into clean and efficient ones.

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Reducing Electricity Costs



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Dispatchable Generation