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Ocean Motion Technologies

A revolutionary technology that converts the power of the ocean into usable energy.

Ocean Motion Tech is blazing a new path to sustainable, scalable and more efficient marine hydrokinetic energy by focusing on small-scale applications. The bluetech sector needs commercially successful products in small-scale energy to fuel the research and development needed to discover the generation methods and supporting technologies that will unlock scalable wave energy production. Since the beginning, Ocean Motion Tech focused on small-scale power needs at sea for scientific/maritime buoys and moorings, offshore aquaculture, and coastal security and defense.

Incumbent power supplies for small-scale applications at sea perform sub-optimally. Their routine maintenance cost is several orders of magnitude larger than the initial unit costs. These challenges severely limit advances in ocean sciences, defense & security monitoring, and offshore aquaculture. Ocean wave energy is a natural choice for these use cases, but most wave energy devices are not designed for small-scale applications, and they can only function within a narrow range of sea states.

At Ocean Motion, they fabricating several innovative small-scale generation and storage devices for marine applications. Our devices are plug-and-play independent power and energy storage units that can be installed on most oceanographic buoys. Our devices are adaptive, cost-effective, and designed to last. These advantages will allow our technology to be implemented in more geographic regions and under a variety of sea states. More importantly, our product will significantly reduce costs for our end users.

Lowering maintenance cost and supplying additional power at sea could lead to a boom in ocean data gathering and analytics. The era of big blue data is expected to be driven by an “Ocean of Things” comprised of data buoys, cheaper and more reliable sensors, underwater vehicles and aerial drones. The applications of big data in the marine environment are immense.

Ocean Motion Technologies aims to lower the cost of power at sea, to enable a new era of big blue data, and to trail-blaze a path to scalable ocean wave energy.

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