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Maximizing the Value of Every Battery

Rejoule enables unprecedented insights into a battery’s state (of health, charge, power) and in a manner that makes testing easy.

This will help democratize and increase the pool of labor that can perform battery diagnostics so mechanics that service gas cars today have a pathway to be the mechanics that service EVs in the future. Furthermore, by providing insights on battery health for used EVs, this enables those that can only afford to buy used cars to also be part of the clean transportation revolution.

Rejoule utilizes established characterization techniques to quickly and accurately grade batteries. These techniques are called electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and hybrid pulse power characterization (HPPC). These are diagnostic tests that unlock battery parameters that track degradation (e.g. loss in active lithium, SEI layer growth, etc).

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Our service centers would love a diagnostic tool like this!

—Battery Engineer from Top 10 Automaker