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Find out how our unique program helps cleantech startups bridge the “valley of death.


Transforming wood waste into sustainable construction

A green and cost-effective solution to the increasing crisis in affordable and resilient housing, SierraCrete is an alternative to traditional binding materials used to mold engineered wood products with exceptional strength and resilient properties.

SierraCrete’s binding technology for engineered wood products enables manufacturers to build a fire, pest, and mold resistant product using non-toxic materials that save time and money. This enables construction in residential and commercial markets to have access to affordable fire-resistant materials and reduce the amount of toxins released in wildfires.

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Building Materials

"CalSEED has been a tremendous resource for establishing our technology and has connected us to a rich network of advisors, investors, and potential customers that have enabled us to devise the best path for us into the market while establishing value for all stakeholders."

—Gene Panferov, SierraCrete