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Stasis Group

Building-scale thermal energy storage systems to reduce cooling energy use and expense

Stasis designs and delivers building-scale thermal energy storage solutions that provide cooling on demand, typically when demand charges and energy rates are at their peak.  Our products are environmentally friendly, bio-based and last for more than 20 years.  Our thermal energy storage products can be installed in the supply plenum or return plenum of new or existing HVAC systems, or installed in both for maximum effect.  Savings achieved can yield a simple payback ROI of five years for most buildings.

Stasis has teamed with the world’s top supplier of phase change material (PCM), bringing over a decade of cutting edge research and proprietary technology of the chemistry and performance of PCMs.  We have performed four trials with national laboratories during the past five years.  This third party validation from Sandia National Lab and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab has shown that our approach and products can significantly reduce building cooling energy consumed and demand charges.

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