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Find out how our unique program helps cleantech startups bridge the “valley of death.

Taka Solar

Game-changing specialized solar panels for a range of applications.

Taka Solar Corporation is developing a solar panel that utilizes an advanced tube-based architecture to package perovskites. It is a solution that could fully protect solar cells from oxygen and water, affordably, to realize the benefits of perovskites by improving their operating life. This approach can outperform traditional solar flat panels with silicon cells in efficiency and energy production, with lower system and installation costs, to dramatically expand the deployment of solar in the commercial & industrial (C&I) and agricultural sectors.

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Christopher Barnes, CEO

"The CalSEED grant has accelerated Taka's technical work on all fronts and led to Taka's participation in Cleantech Open, which has already yielded multiple expressions of interest by private investors."

—Christopher Barnes, CEO