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Whisper Energy Systems

The revolutionary high-energy, low-cost, rapidly rechargeable, ultra-mobile, zero-emission power device.

Whisper Energy Systems, Inc is developing is a widely affordable, high energy, extremely portable, rapidly rechargeable, high power, zero-emission device designed to effectively replace the extremely noisy and highly polluting small internal combustion engines found in portable gas-powered generators, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chain saws, power washers, etc.

Whisper Energy Systems is a zero-emission replacement for gas powered lawn mowers, leaf blowers, string trimmers, etc. that can directly improve the local air quality conditions.


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Ratepayer Benefit

Grid Reliability



Solution Type

Portable Small Engine

The CalSEED Concept Award has provided a critical piece of funding we've needed to produce fully functional prototypes of our zero-emission mobile power system designed to replace the small gas engines found in commercial landscape maintenance equipment. As well, CalSEED, in coordination with the CleanTech Open, has been instrumental in the development and refinement of our business plan. As both a grant subawardee and California Ratepayers, we could not be any more appreciative of the CEC's CalSEED program.