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EH Group Technologies

Providing Systems Solutions for the Wireless, BioElectronics and Power Industries

EH Group’s innovative & patented fuel cell technology offers:

  • High Power Density
    Uniquely re-designed fuel cell stack at the microstructure level
    making it more compact, lightweight and efficient
    (1st gen cell pitch <0.9 mm).
  • Simplified System Architecture
    Our FC technology operates with a simplified system architecture
    Fewer parasitic loads, lower costs and higher efficiency
  • Scalable Fuel Cell Production
    A completely new approach and concept of fuel cell stack design and production
    High micro precision eliminates conventional stack assembly methods
    Drives down production costs significantly

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Ratepayer Benefit

Grid Reliability



Solution Type

Green Hydrogen

Participation in CALSEED has cemented our ambitions to actively grow the California hydrogen ecosystem. Valuable introductions have been only the tip of the iceberg of what we have benefited from.

—Sven Dybdahl, EH Group Technologies