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How Does CalSEED Bridge the Gap for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs? Read Our Interim Report.

Icarus RT

Taking back the power of the sun, hybrid solar systems that double the output of today PV systems

Solar panels remain remarkably inefficient, converting only about 21% of the solar energy they absorb into electricity.

Icarus RT’s award-winning proprietary technology breaks through the 21% efficiency limit, significantly increasing power output and lowering the overall cost per kilowatt. This is a real game changer. Increasing the power output at a lower cost per kilowatt will change the ROI of solar PV, particularly for commercial and large utility-scale installations giving solar energy a higher value proposition than ever before!

Listen to Mark Anderson of Icarus RT, Danny Kennedy of New Energy Nexus, and Zander Mrlik of Intertie discuss clean energy start-ups and the clean tech ecosystem. 

“Mark has a rare combination of industry knowledge, corporate experience, and resilience required of a founder. He knows where to access funding without giving up equity, he has kept his eye on governance through changes, and finally, he has weathered numerous challenges and never given up. At the end of the day, a founder’s resilience is the greatest asset of a young company.”

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Mark Anderson, Icarus RT

CalSEED has enabled us to utilize new materials, new design and manufacturing techniques and build a passionate, brilliant engineering team to achieve commercial readiness for the Icarus Quartet hybrid PV/T system.

—Mark Anderson, Icarus RT