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infiniRel Corporation

Transform Energy

infiniRel Corporation is developing a health diagnostics and control system for solar plants, improving efficiency and profitability, and reducing operational risks by optimizing maintenance, improving output, and extending the life of critical assets with patented, predictive diagnostics.


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Ratepayer Benefit

Grid Reliability



Solution Type

Inverter Health

Bert Wank, Founder & CEO

“An inverter is at the heart of all technology that uses battery, solar or wind power. Our Inverter Health Scanner is like an Electrocardiogram (EKG) for the inverter. A cardiologist uses an EKG to measure the stress signals in your heart to prevent heart attacks because a heart attack is catastrophic to your system. Our Inverter Health Scanner uses Machine Learning (ML) to identify the failure risk of each inverter so repairs can be made before they melt down.”

—Bert Wank, Founder & CEO