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Find out how our unique program helps cleantech startups bridge the “valley of death.


Take the power of home charging into your own hands

NeoCharge’s mission is to ease the transition to an all-electric future by making home electrification and EV charging more accessible. The company’s Smart Splitters provide an easy and affordable solution for homeowners, renters, and utilities to install 240-volt circuits without expensive panel upgrades and permits. NeoCharge is building an integrated software platform that will allow for cleaner and more cost-effective charging through synchronizing electric vehicles and appliances with the grid. NeoCharge is currently saving homeowners and renters thousands of dollars by avoiding panel upgrades and permits and will soon provide the capabilities to reduce emissions from charging.

Neocharge’s Smart Splitter™ is the first UL-listed 240V outlet splitter that addresses major installation costs and barriers for home EV charging. With proprietary switching and easy plug-in options, the Smart Splitter™ provides simple installation that enables home renters to install charging and homeowners to avoid panel upgrades, saving $2200on average. On top of this, NeoCharge is has been developing a Smart Splitter companion app that allows EV drivers to track their charging history, get notifications, and gain more insights into their home charging through the wifi connection on their device


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Reducing Electricity Costs


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