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Solarflux Energy Technologies

Flexible, Clean, Inexpensive Solar Thermal Power

Solarflux is developing a modern, low-cost distributed water treatment solution using an energy efficient membrane distillation process that is powered by a solar thermal concentrator, providing a source of potable water in a compact, turnkey package. Membrane distillation is an emerging water desalination and purification process relying on thermal energy at low-pressures and temperatures, facilitating safe, low-cost distributed water treatment. 

The proposed innovation is a membrane distillation module optimized for use with solar thermal energy (STE) from Solarflux’s FOCUS parabolic dish concentrator (or other sources), enabling the production of low-cost, potable water using zero-emission solar energy. 


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Ratepayer Benefit

Reducing Electricity Costs


Energy Efficiency

Solution Type

Water and Wastewater Treatment