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ZYD Energy

Enabling zero-emission water heating

ZYD Energy, Inc. aims to provide system integration and control solutions for buildings to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and lower energy cost. ZYD Energy provides a patent-pending technology to optimize the efficiency and energy use schedule of heat pump water heating systems. We aim to use this technology to help customers to significantly reduce energy cost and greenhouse gas emissions. With our IoT-enabled control technology, we will also provide energy management services to support reliable grid operation and increase renewable energy utilization.

ZYD Energy, Inc. provides an IoT-based smart control technology to convert water heating systems in buildings into distributed thermal storage systems. Using a patent-pending Thermal Storage Control (TSC) technology, ZYD Energy’s control solution enables flexible adjustments of water heating schedules to manage system electric load and improve operational efficiency while enhancing hot water service reliability.

The smart control optimizes system operation according to hot water demand forecast, electricity price, renewable energy availability, and grid conditions. Our technology helps new and existing buildings to significantly reduce energy costs, greenhouse gas emissions, and reliance on expensive battery storage.

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Ratepayer Benefit

Reducing Electricity Costs


Energy Efficiency

Solution Type

Thermal Storage