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Optimize your Business Using Climate Outlook in Your Area

Climate disasters have become part of our everyday life, destabilizing businesses and populations worldwide. Climformatics predicts future climate at any location for any future timescale (daily, seasonal to years ahead). Climformatics provides a subscription-based, scalable tool which can be incorporated into any business risk assessment platform of a quality that will disrupt the trajectory of climate driven catastrophe risk assessment and allow for improved disaster preparedness. Their purpose is to help farmers, businesses, governments, stakeholders and humanity at large in preparing for the inescapable impact of climate change. They have validated their technology across a large number of locations in growing regions of California and most recently across 130 locations around the world. They have also demonstrated our fire weather prediction capability by validating such relevant variables as maximum temperature, high winds, relative humidity, drought index, and rainfall, well ahead of the fire season, providing time for wildfire risk mitigation and procurement of mitigation resources.

Climformatics is a women-owned company founded by former Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) climate modelers, with expertise in oceanography, atmospheric science, computation and risk modeling.

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