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Halo Industries

Helping manufacturers drastically reduce waste, improve quality, and enable next generation technologies.

Halo Industries, Inc. is a San Mateo-based start-up founded in 2014 which specializes in the development of a revolutionary industrial fabrication technology that is capable of improving the manufacturing efficiency and drastically reducing the cost of advanced cleantech materials used in a diverse set of applications such as solar, semiconductor, battery, LED, power electronics and many others.

By replacing a widely-used, 60-year-old mechanical shaping/cutting technique with a unique laser-based process, remarkable improvements in manufacturing efficiency can be attained leading to considerable reductions in materials waste, energy use, fabrication time and overall greenhouse gas emissions.  The benefits not only reduce the cost of industry-critical, high-tech materials by at least a factor of two but also significantly mitigate the negative effects their production has on the environment.

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