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How Does CalSEED Bridge the Gap for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs? Read Our Interim Report.

InPipe Energy

Turning water pressure into energy

InPipe Energy is at the nexus of energy and water, generating renewable energy from water pipelines and providing sustainable water control infrastructure.

InPipe has developed the In-PRV, a digitally enabled, pressure recovery valve that converts running water to renewable energy in water pipelines. The In-PRV provides precise pressure and flow control to extend the life of infrastructure and save water; efficient production of renewable energy to reduce operational costs, and benefit ratepayers; and reduced reliance on carbon-based grid power to help meet climate action goals and build resilience with a new, clean energy resource.

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Ratepayer Benefit

Reducing Electricity Costs



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The CalSEED program has been a game changer for us. Opening doors and providing capital to do projects with our customers throughout California.

—Gregg Semler, InPipe Energy