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Additives that enable immediate improvement in battery performance.

SiLi-ion produces additives enabling immediate improvement in battery performance. Our customers are the Li-ionbattery manufacturers allowing them to compete in high energy density segments with no incremental Capex.

SiLi-ion has developed a “drop-in” additive based on abundant and sustainable materials (silicon and carbon) which increases the capacity of batteries without requiring any change to manufacturing schemes. Our technology is considerably simpler than what other research groups and start-ups have developed for the same application. While other disruptive silicon-based innovations aim at completely replacing the state-of-the-art graphite anode and hence require a complete re-design or upgrade of the existing factories and battery architecture, our vision is intervening at the “raw materials level”. By adding a small amount of our compound (e.g. 10% by weight) in the established graphite electrode fabrication process we can boost the storage capacity of the anode up to 65% . This “drop-in”strategy is simple, cost-effective and eliminates the need for extensive capital investments for the battery manufactures

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