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Find out how our unique program helps cleantech startups bridge the “valley of death.

T2M Global

Converting wasted resources to clean energy

T2M Global develops advanced cleantech solutions for converting wasted resources to higher value co-products to support transition to green economy and sustainable development. T2M Global provides strategic guidance to advanced energy start-ups for converting wasted resources to efficient energy. Our services include:

  • Technology Development
  • Technology CommercializationStrategic Advisory Services
  • Business Development Services
  • Technology Evaluation Services


TESOP is a highly innovative modular technology for storing hard-to-capture, low-temperature (<150C) thermal energy. Conventional technology suffers from limitations such as high-temperature dependence, inflexible design, and low efficiency. This patent-pending TESOP technology will utilize specially synthesized osmotic polymers to capture low-temperature and otherwise wasted thermal energy and store it at room temperature. Collected thermal energy will be converted into electrical power using high-flux water membranes coupled with an ultra-high efficiency (>95%) water-turbine, offering the lowest cost electricity at the highest reliability. Flexible TESOP will exploit severely under-used market, harvesting solar-thermal, geothermal, and industrial waste-heat to synergistically complement California’s renewable technology.

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Grid Reliability



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Thermal Storage