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Community Energy Labs: Revolutionizing Energy Management in Schools

Community Energy Labs: Revolutionizing Energy Management in Schools

Powering Schools Is Expensive. Machine Learning Can Help.

Did you know that energy is the second-largest expense for schools, surpassing the cost of computers and textbooks combined? With numerous heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units in schools, managing energy consumption efficiently becomes an important task.

Tanya Barham, the visionary CEO of Community Energy Labs, leads a team that is revolutionizing the energy consumption of K-12 schools. She unveils how Community Energy Labs tackles this issue with a groundbreaking technology that transforms existing buildings into clean, all-electric, self-driving entities. Powered by advanced machine learning, their solution creates a dynamic model of a building’s physical structure and thermal properties. This unique approach allows the system to optimize comfort in every room while significantly slashing energy costs by approximately 30%.

The video explores the unique capabilities of this technology, which continuously learns and adjusts in real-time to ensure optimal performance. It’s a hands-off, cost-effective solution that’s not only effective but also easy to install and operate, making it a game-changer for public entities such as schools, cities, and low-income housing.

See how Community Energy Labs is not just reducing our schools’ energy expenses but also paving the way for a more sustainable future by significantly reducing their carbon footprints. This is a crucial step in our collective effort to combat climate change.