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Noon Energy’s Long-Duration Storage Solution is Inspired by Nature

Noon Energy’s Long-Duration Storage Solution is Inspired by Nature

Storing Renewable Energy in a New Kind of Battery.

“As it is right now, solar and wind power are the lowest cost electricity sources, but intermittent in nature, and fossil fuels are still needed for backup. So to complete that transition to sustainable energy, we need a long duration storage that can do that balancing act, and fully phase out fossil fuels.” – Chris Graves, Founder and CEO, Noon Energy

In our final mini documentary on grid-scale storage we are featuring Noon Energy. who is breaking through the barriers to cheap long-duration energy storage with just carbon and oxygen.

Noon has innovated a way to store 1,000 hours of energy by splitting CO2 into carbon and oxygen. The result are batteries that areĀ  3x cheaper, lighter, AND energy dense than current lithium-ion batteries. As more renewable energy comes onto the grid solutions like Noons will become crucial to make the transition to 100% clean energy. Noon has received the CalSEED Concept award, a CalTestBed Testing Voucher, and most recently has received $28M in Series A funding. Check out the mini doc and their website to learn more: