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Making a Better Battery, Episode 1 – Coreshell Technologies

Making a Better Battery, Episode 1 – Coreshell Technologies

To actualize the “electrify everything” revolution we need better batteries.

“The main problem that we saw in rechargeable batteries is that every time you’re using your battery, a little bit dies. That capacity fade is one of the biggest problems in all rechargeable batteries and it’s one of the roadblocks towards high capacity, low cost, long lasting and safe batteries that we need for these major applications like electric vehicles and renewable energy storage.” – Jonathan Tan, Co-founder & CEO Coreshell Technologies.

In this 3 part mini documentary series we will be sharing the stories of 3 CalSEED awardees who are working on battery chemistry innovation to deliver the batteries we need to transition to 100% renewable energy as quickly as possible.

First up is Coreshell Technologies, a CalSEED cohort 1 company that is producing a thin film nano layer that can be painted the inside of the battery on the surface of the anion cathode where degradation occurs to solve capacity fade across rechargeable batteries, and allow for higher charging ranges and longer life batteries.

To learn more check out their mini documentary below and visit their website.



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